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Indie Opera Podcast

Sarah Fraser joins Indie Opera Podcast for a wide-ranging discussion about where the industry is three weeks into the COVID-19 pandemic, and preparing the next generation of young artists.

Peter, Brooke & Walker are joined by the podcast’s newest addition, musicologist and critic Greg Moomjy for an everyone’s in their own home visit with artist manager, Sarah Fraser about where the classical live performance world is three weeks into the complete shutdown caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. How are opera companies treating their contracted artists? How much more prepared are the new generation of artists in working the business of making art? What are those artists doing to stay present with their fans? What companies are increasing their online presence with live streams of their productions? And snuck into the mix is an impassioned discussion about the story and character’s behavior of the opera Breaking the Waves and how those are disturbing on so many levels.


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