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During the COVID-19 pandemic, the FAM roster came together to create Fletcher Artist Management Entertainment (FAME). This subscription channel featured our artists showcasing their boundless creativity. Please enjoy our library of content!

Friday Nights Mics

Friday Night Mics is all about storytelling. Roster artists perform songs that are special to them, and share what makes them meaningful.

Five Minutes of FAME

Welcome to FAME‘s tasting menu! In our Five Minutes (don’t hold us to it) section, you’ll find a variety of short videos that are one-off or stand-alone creations. We hope you enjoy these small plates, and hands off the caviar (it’s a garnish!).

Van Sessions with Theo Hoffmann

Explore the open road and the culinary culture of America with baritone Theo Hoffman in his converted Mercedes Sprinter Van! Full recipes can be found at the link below each episode.

Sacred Legacy

Like many artists, it was through the church that John Moore began his path to becoming a professional musician. In Sacred Legacy, John and friends perform, discuss and explore the music that began the journey, and stays dear to them today.

Conduct Yourself Accordingly

Steven White, conductor and Mahler superfan, regales us with surprising YET TRUE stories from his life and career. In future episodes, Steven will be joined by various guests who also share Steven’s passion for music and life, complete with tall tales and adventurous escapades.

Stage Time

Moments on stage that changed Kevin Burdette as a performer, as a storyteller, and as a human

Drunk Opera

Pour a glass of your favorite spirit and join us for a liquored-up narration of your favorite opera plots!

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