Fletcher Artist Management is dedicated to the success of its artists, and the industry itself. We believe in the importance of fostering the next generation of artists and in supporting the growth of the industry into new audiences and generations.


7/31/20 Alex Fletcher speaks with E. Loren Meeker & Francesco Milioto from Opera San Antonio about what it means to be a manager/agent.

4/23/20 Alex Fletcher speaks with Nicholas Brownlee on the Hook, Push, & Pray podcast about all things classical music and artist management.

4/10/20 – Sarah Fraser joins Indie Opera Podcast for a wide-ranging discussion about where the industry is three weeks into the COVID-19 pandemic, and preparing the next generation of young artists.

3/24/20 – Alex Fletcher joins a diverse panel for a special NATS Chat about COVID-19 and industry implications.

3/15/18 – Alex Fletcher joins Dr. Stephen Marcone & Professor David Philp of Music Biz 101 & More radio to discuss the classical side of the music business.